Friday, April 27, 2018

The Super Rocket

David Lee December 26, 2017


By David Lee

LOCAL resident, Ernie Poyner purchased her in 1961 and at that time his BSA Super Rocket was worth $850, but today, the unique single carburettor motor bike is worth $18,000.

With a high compression motor, racing cam and capable of reaching 185km/h, the Super Rocket’s only modification is the addition of indicators next to the front headlight, as Ernie always worried that other drivers would not know what he meant when he put his hand out to turn left.

“I added the indicators to make it easier for other road users to know where I was going.

“The nickname came from when I went to get it incurred, the woman at RACV asked what her name was and so I came up with Miss Birmingham.

“We had some fun in our day, but it is now on show at the Shepparton Motor Museum so that other people can enjoy her as much as I did.”