Thursday, April 26, 2018
A CLASSIC… Local Euroa resident, Garry MacDonald with his 1950 ES2 Norton. Photos: Emma Hillier.

There’s nothing like a Norton

David Lee September 8, 2016

LOCAL Euroa resident, Garry MacDonald’s passion for building classic motorbike race engines began at just 14 years of age, when he got his first Norton Model 18.

Having just finished a 12 month build of a 1950 ES2 Norton, which will be on show at the Euroa Show and Shine, Garry’s main interest is in building race engines, which he has completed between 50 and 60 of over the years.

“My 1950 ES2 Norton is 500cc, a bore x stroke of 79 x 100 and cruises along quite happily at about 100km/h. It has a 4 speed gear box and is very comfortable to ride.

“In their day, the motorbikes were the chosen mode of transport. The cost of a car was around 800 pounds and the bikes were 100 pound, so people bought bikes until they could afford a car.

“By the time I was 18-19 I had gone through 25 bikes and bought an old one to do up. I used to push the first bike I owned around until dad and I learned how to fix it, and that’s how I learned.

“I’ve worked on many bikes but I think Nortons are the best. You’ve never ridden a motorcycle until you’ve ridden a British single.

“I’m currently working on a 1930 Norton Model 18, which was my father’s bike.”