Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thinking Thin

Editor July 12, 2011

TOOLS TO UNDERSTANDING… Pictured, Personal Trainer and Peak Performance Coach, Duncan Blandford is encouraging participants to think thin. Photo: Alicia Zeqir.Shifting the how to the why

LOCAL Peak Performance Coach, Duncan Blandford is preparing to launch a pilot program called ‘Thinking Thin’, with the aim to help individuals achieve long-term weightloss strategies.
As a qualified Personal Trainer and Peak Performance Coach for his own business, Idept Ideas, Duncan says he is interested in applying his core philosophies to weightloss.
“It’s about addressing why people sabotage their own weightloss,” Duncan said.
The eight-week program is free of charge and there are no requirements for food, supplements or for the training program itself.
The commitment entails one evening per week for a group meeting and some homework.
“It’s about providing the tools to understanding your weight gain as well as strategies for weightloss. Weightloss is easy if you’re on your own side.”
“This program is ideally suited to people who have tried and failed to lose weight, joined gyms and quit or who just generally struggle with diet.”
Duncan says it’s about “shifting the how to the why” in order to achieve your weightloss goals.
Between 12 and 15 participants both male and female over the age of 18 are sought for participation in the program, which has been designed to address the habits, which underpin over-eating.

For more information, contact Duncan Blandford on 0459 475 664.