Tips on solar at workshops

GOING GREEN… From left, South Shepparton Community Centre visitor Meena Malla, manager Dawn Taylor, and volunteer Marcela Estiler. Photo: Katelyn Morse

IF you’re trying to find ways to save money whilst also wanting to reduce your impact on the environment, Shepparton South Community Centre can help. Running free workshops the first four Thursdays in August from 10am until 12pm, you’ll learn lots of different ways to save the environment while also saving your money.

These workshops are being delivered with funding from Greater Shepparton City Council’s Community Sustainability Grant with the aim of promoting sustainability in the community.

The workshops will include tips on solar, reducing your power usage, water-wise gardening, food waste, as well as changes we can make for the future to reduce our impact on the environment. Each workshop will focus on something different, with guest speakers from Greater Shepparton City Council, GV Water, GV Community Energy, and Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority.

For more information or to book your spot in one of the workshops, visit Shepparton South Community Centre at 11 Service St, Shepparton, call (03) 5821 6172, or email [email protected]