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Too good

Editor July 20, 2011

TOO GOOD TO MISS… Shepparton’s Rodger Bone is pictured with a Red Chipure fish he caught in seawaters near Berri, far-north Queensland earlier this year. Photos: Supplied.Fishing trip keeps local coming back

By Nadia Surace
IT’S a man’s dream. A fishing holiday with more fish than he cares to count.
“This year we only caught about 400 I think,” Shepparton’s avid fisherman, Rodger Bone said after the two-week trip to Berri in far-north Queensland.
That’s an average of around 29 fish a day caught by the crew of nine including “33 different varieties and 33 beautiful mud crabs”.
“Other years we’ve caught 500-600, that was only because we had a few new guys on board. Still it’s more fish than you could poke a stick at.”
Rodger has been making the trip almost every year for the past 22 years.
“It’s too good not to go,” he says.
 “Very few people fish there that’s why there is such an abundance of fish.”
Rodger couldn’t narrow down the catch of the trip but said a 90kg Thresher Shark he caught was in high contention.
What he is sure of is that he’ll be back to do it all again next year.
“There are just so many beautiful fish you wouldn’t believe it,” he said.
“If anyone wants to come along, they’re more than welcome.”