Monday, March 19, 2018

Torrumbarry Weir pool to be partially lowered

sadviser June 15, 2011

THE level of the Torrumbarry Weir pool will be gradually lowered below the Full Supply Level (FSL) of 86.05 m Australian Height Datum by up to 40 cm.

The partial drawdown is expected to be fully implemented by around May 12, before being refilled by early June.

Variation in the weir pool level has been implemented in recent years to assist a long-term goal to reduce bank erosion caused in part by holding the weir pool steady.

The weir pool will be lowered by around 5cm/day measured immediately upstream of the weir, however larger variations may be observed at other locations due to local impacts.

The river level at Echuca Wharf (82 km upstream of Torrumbarry Weir) will be dependent on both the weir pool level and river flow rates over the coming weeks.  The river level at Echuca Wharf may fall as low as 85.70m under dry conditions.

River pumpers, boat operators and other river users upstream of Torrumbarry Weir are advised to take these changed water levels into account and make any necessary adjustments in response to the lower weir pool level.

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority will continue to issue further advice via the Murray Darling Basin Authority’s Weekly report, which can be viewed at