Try Australia’s best sausage roll in Tatura

HUGE WIN… Tatura Hot Bread owners, Jeff and Glenda Alexander are thrilled to have been awarded the best sausage roll in Australia. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

Congratulations to the bakers and staff at Tatura Hot Bread, who have taken home a bunch of awards from The Great Aussie Pie Competition. The competition took place in Sydney last week and saw bakers from all over Australia compete in the different categories for the tastiest pies and sausage rolls.

Tatura Hot Bread won ‘Australia’s official greatest sausage roll 2019’ which they are very excited about. They also took home the gold for their gourmet sausage roll, chicken cranberry and brie pie, Tuscan chicken pie, chunky steak and caramelised onion pie, and their chunky pepper pie. The bakery was also awarded silver for their plain pie and chunky steak pie.

Tatura Hot Bread owners, Glenda and Jeff Alexander said they were absolutely ecstatic for winning such a huge, Australia-wide competition.