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sadviser July 18, 2012

Dear Editor,
Is the offensive sign positioned hazardously at a Shepparton major intersection considered to be a promotional push for better local government?
The local ratepayer lobby group claiming it is its right to protest in this manner is using a negative and unfair tactic which is of little value to the majority of Greater Shepparton voters.
Why blame the present Council for the $15 million debt when a large portion of the borrowings relate to poorly planned and costed projects such as the Mooroopna Freight hub during former Council terms of governance (early 2000s)? Only two of those former Councillors remain seated at the Council table.  Surely senior Council planning officers, some of them now departed, should share the blame for this poor financial management.
This all male lobby group would do far better to promote the positives over the past four years such as the redevelopment of our beautiful Lake Victoria area, booming building sector and excellent community services options for all ages and cultures.
Such a strategy would serve to encourage, not discourage, prospective councillors to stand at the 2012 election.  Take down this ugly sign!
Yours sincerely,
Patricia Moran

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