Victorian Parliament tackles climate change

PARLIAMENT COMES TO MOOROOPNA… Members of the public and local councils address the parliamentary committee on what they are doing on climate change. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

The Goulburn Valley and surrounding districts are particularly sensitive to climate change. The extent of the prevalent bushfire season, drought and torrential rains are perhaps some of the changes we are seeing that are more than just weather due to the extreme in each.

While the science is overwhelming, and despite some vocal pundits who lack the same qualified understanding of it, the rest of the world is getting along and addressing the impact.

To that end, the Victorian Government has launched an inquiry into tackling climate change in Victorian communities with a cross-party parliamentary committee comprising several members of the Victorian State Parliament, came to Mooroopna on Monday, February 10 to listen to submissions from a number of interested parties, predominantly local councils.

The purpose of the inquiry is to explore what Victorian communities are doing to tackle climate change and to determine how the Victorian Government can support them.

“We know that regional communities are often highly innovative and active when it comes to sustainability, waste management and recycling, agroforestry and renewable energy projects,” said committee chair, Darren Cheeseman.

“We want to hear from members of the Shepparton and Wangaratta communities, learn more about what they’re doing to mitigate climate change and understand how the government can support them,” he said.