Vital radio service for people with a print disability faces permanent closure


Shepparton’s Vision Australia Radio studio will send its final broadcast in coming months unless the federal government commits ongoing funding to the vital service.

Operated by Vision Australia, the radio service ensures people with a print disability have access to a range of printed material that may otherwise be off limits, and provide original programming tailored to their needs and interests.

Due to changes in the funding received by disability support organisations following the roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Vision Australia needs to secure $700,000 per year from the federal government to ensure the future of the service.

In locations such as Shepparton, daily Vision Australia Radio broadcasts provide readings from The Adviser and other local newspapers, books, magazines and other printed resources, ensuring people with a print disability can remain informed and connected to their local community.

Vision Australia manager of government relations and advocacy, Chris Edwards said, “We’re going to do all we can to protect the future of Vision Australia Radio and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to show politicians and others just how important the service is to a huge number of Australians.”

To find out more about Vision Australia Radio and how you can help keep the service on air, head to