Thursday, April 26, 2018

Volkswagen love affair… a stretch!

sadviser October 17, 2012

VERY SPECIAL CAR… Local life long friends, Darren Scott and Johnny Fairley with their 1972 custom made Volkswagen Beetle Stretch Limousine. Photo: Alicia Zeqir.LOCAL men, Johnny Fairley and Darren Scott have been life long friends starting their careers together and playing football side by side at the Waaia Football Club, but these days, it’s their shared love of a very special car which occupies their time.
The 1972 custom made ‘Volkswagen Beetle Stretch Limousine’ is a stand out.
Darren said, “We believe it’s the only one of its kind in Australia.”
Johnny was the one who found the vehicle on the internet around 18 months ago. It was a little bit run down, but as an avid Volkswagen enthusiast and collector, he recognised the vehicle’s potential immediately and it didn’t take him long to convince Darren to fly with him all the way to Adelaide to have a look at it.
Since then, many ‘man hours’ have been spent carefully and lovingly restoring the stretch to pristine condition.
Originally engineered in Western Australia, the ‘Volkswagen Beetle Stretch Limousine’ is a custom made three-door, 12 seater. Fully modified, the vehicle features wine bar and racks, drinks fridge, interior party lights and comfortable velour bucket seats.
The stretch has a club registration with the Iron Bumpers Club so it can be driven recreationally and the pair have had some fun with it.
Johnny said, “It was a really good find.”
The stretch now belongs to a beloved collection of nine Volkswagens, all of which have been carefully restored and hold their own special place within the collection.