Wall-to-wall creativity and education


The exterior walls within the small town of Tongala are undergoing an exquisite transformation, with a committed group of six local artists hard at work painting pieces depicting the history of the town.

Many years ago, Tongala Lions Club president and local artist, Murray Ross started by painting a few of the iconic murals still seen around town in places like the local mechanic, RSL Club, hardware store, pub, sound shell and more.

Now, fifteen years later, Mr Ross has a team of dedicated and passionate artists painting five days a week to create works that will educate and beautify their beloved small rural town. With a grant from Bendigo Bank helping them on their venture, the team have been working hard to promote creativity and community.

Since starting work in January of this year, the town of Tongala has already experienced a notable makeover. There are now at least 30 murals around town, including those from fifteen years ago, with each offering an opportunity to teach locals and visitors about Tongala’s rich history.

Some of the pieces are very interactive, encouraging locals to engage with the art. There is a funny and playful depiction of the moment Tongala received sewerage in the iconic ‘Hooroo Tonny Loo’ mural, as well as pieces portraying the town’s involvement in the dairy industry and the two World Wars.

Art fans throughout region are invited to come and check out Tongala as the educational and inspirational art starts to develop around town.