Washing efficiency improved by innovative local manufacturer

NEW FORMULAS TO HELP SAVE TIME WASHING… Pental senior research and development chemist, Dr Alf Shahir and team leader for liquids and firelighters, Peter Woods are proud to have this locally produced product hitting supermarket shelves. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

Wherever you go in an Australian home today, it would be unusual to not find at least one Pental product. With their factory located here in Shepparton, the consumer goods manufacturing and distribution specialist is responsible for an enormous range of home care and personal products in Australia and New Zealand, with many notable brand names conceived and produced locally, including White King, Janola, Softly, Velvet, Sunlight, Huggie, LUX and much, much more.

Recently, there have been many exciting developments taking place at Pental, particularly with regards to their great range Huggie fabric softeners.

The Shepparton-based Huggie brand has topped the 2018 Canstar Blue customer ratings for fabric softener, receiving five-star reviews on the softness of clothes, packaging design, scent, and overall customer satisfaction.

White-King Pental manufacturing manager, Carmine Conte said that the accolades have enabled significant new business and a resurgence of the Huggie brand.

“Our Shepparton team have been hard at work formulating four new fabric softener technologies,” Mr Conte said, “These new formulas appeal to the everyday Australian who wishes to cut down on the valuable time and energy we spend doing washing. The result of Huggie winning the 2018 Canstar Blue customer satisfaction category is a real testimony to our team’s expertise and passion.”

The four new Huggie formulas – Quick Dry, Easy Iron, Fast Cycle, and Wrinkle Release – have been developed and formulated here in Shepparton by Pental’s local chemists. Additionally, these new formulas have recently experienced additional ranging with the supermarket retailers nationally, so expect to see these great Shepparton products lining the shelves.

Senior research and development chemist, Dr Alf Shahir explained that of these four new formulas, the newest and most exciting is the Wrinkle Release.

“The Huggie Wrinkle Release formula fights deep wrinkles that reside inside the clothes,” Dr Shahir said, “We have added an active ingredient that sits on top of the fabric, creating the same effect as starch, but less sticky.”

“This means there are fewer creases on your clothes when you remove them from the washing machine and less time needs to be spent ironing. The Wrinkle Release fabric softener requires only one treatment for every two washes and we believe this product will help everyone get their chores done quicker.”

With the new Huggie formulas introduced nationally into the retail market last month, Pental believes the expansion of the business will facilitate between 60 additional shifts into the detergent plants here in Shepparton, with production line expansions just beginning.