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sadviser August 24, 2011

Dear Editor,
In the Sunday Herald Sun, Aug 7, opposition water spokesman, John Lenders claimed that the Government was wasting water by not piping it to Melbourne. It was claimed enough was released from Eildon to supply Melbourne for a year. Where would they pipe it to? Sugarloaf is full. It was claimed that the government was too stubborn to use the pipe.
When in power, Labor was too stubborn to greatly enhance the Thompson Dam as originally planned. This water would not have to be pumped and would have harvested large volumes which have gone to waste and out to sea over the years.
Don’t forget that Labor in September of last year when Eildon was only 52% capacity were releasing 430ml daily. The pipeline cost Labor the seat of Seymour and Government. It attracted only 15.76% at the primary vote in Shepparton last year.
Your Sincerely
N. T. Sims, Shepparton

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