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Wedding Day tips for the Bride

sadviser March 11, 2014

SPECIAL MOMENT… Pictured, newly weds Lauren Hickey and Kevin Wilson. Photography by Dale Wright.THERE are lots of things to think about when planning a wedding and in the rush of the day, brides can often forget about taking care of themselves. So here are four simple, but practical tips to help pave the way to truly enjoying your wedding day:

1. Make-up touch ups

Create a wedding day make-up bag two weeks before the wedding for touch ups on the day to keep you looking your best. Have a friend, bridesmaid, or family member to hang onto it or stash it somewhere handy so you can get to it when you need it. Be sure to use waterproof mascara, and don’t forget to pack the hairspray!
Throw in extras for those unexpected emergencies like a travel size sewing kit, clear nail polish (for panty hose/stocking runs), an extra set of panty hose or stockings, throat lozenges, aspirin, tissues, breath mints, tampons, hand cream, and band-aids.

2. Start your wedding day with healthy and filling nourishment

Since most brides don’t get to enjoy the meal served at the reception, you really should consider having something to eat before the wedding. It’s going to be a long (and wonderful) day and you’ll want to have plenty of energy so you can keep dancing and socializing for hours.
Stash a power bar snack in your purse

3. If the Shoe Fits

Kick off your heels and settle into a more comfortable shoe. Those stunning, sexy, strappy, ultra-high heels that work perfectly with your wedding gown will be great for the ceremony and for the formal pictures, but if you’re planning to kick up your heels at the reception, you’ll be better off kicking off the heels and settling into something more comfortable.

4. Point it out to a “Point Person”

Keep track of time with an itinerary and a point person. Whether you’ve worked with a wedding consultant or carefully planned everything yourself, you should have an itinerary for the big day. Make copies, give them to a few good friends and/or close family members, then choose someone to be the “point person” who will make sure things are running smoothly and reasonably on time. You will be able to rest easily knowing at least one of your deputies will keep track of the time while you’re busy greeting those out-of-town guests and brand new in-laws whose names you can’t quite remember.