We’re a well-behaved bunch

KEEP UP THE GOOD SPIRITS… GVL attendees should be proud of the way they conduct themselves at local sporting events, with the level of respect shown to our umpires an encouraging way to get more young people involved. Photo: Bailey Opie Photography.

With the current media and supporters all over anti social behaviour at AFL games and Behaviour Awareness Officers ruling with an iron fist at the major venues, we should all give ourselves a pat on the back for the way people conduct themselves at GVL venues.

I don’t want to speak to soon but the crowds and crowd behaviour locally is very respectful, while still shouting and cheering our favourite and not so favourite players.

The respect that is shown in country football to the men and women in white (the umpires actually wear colour sometimes) is something that the movers and shakers at headquarters should be very proud of. So it should be too, as this is how we will encourage younger people to grab a whistle and take up umpiring.

While the players pull the boots on and enter the field of battle, it’s great to know that country football is still a great place for young families to go and enjoy the footy without the worry of anything going on that could spoil the day.

Three cheers to the GVL.