Sunday, March 18, 2018

Wet roads play on aussie drivers’ minds

sadviser June 15, 2011

AUSTRALIA has experienced its second wettest summer since records began 111 years ago, and with above-average rainfall expected to continue, drivers are being reminded to put safety first.

A Newspoll survey commissioned by Beaurepaires of 1,207 Australian drivers has provided insight into driving behaviours.

Alongside rain as the condition they nominated as that in which they felt most uneasy driving in, 31% of drivers also noted that, for more than two thirds (62%), safety on the roads was their number one concern. At 38%, women were more fearful of wet weather driving than men, with a quarter of males flagging it as a concern.

Beaurepaires Communications Manager, James Peate, said, “Driving in the wet is by far the condition drivers feel most uneasy in with more than a third citing this as their main concern. Changes in the weather are often unpredictable and with rain forecast, it’s important to ensure your tyres are in good shape before heading off with precious cargo on board.”

“The most important thing is to be prepared. Checking that your tyres can handle the road conditions and changing weather is crucial.”

“We recommend tyres should have a minimum of two millimetres of tread spread uniformly around the tyre, anything less and it may have serious implications on a car’s stopping ability on slippery roads.”

“Only 32% of drivers surveyed said they check their tyres before a long drive, this is definitely a statistic we’d like to see rise. Drivers concerned about their tyres can visit a Beaurepaires store to have a Free Tyre Health Check conducted by a qualified professional,” Mr Peate said.