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sadviser August 15, 2012

Dear Editor,
Where’s the gold! We hear it from those who are disappointed with the gold medal tally of Australian athletics at the Olympic Games. Getting first place is the most important thing to those who push our athletics to greater and greater glory. What ever happen to: “It matters not if one wins or loses but how we play the game.”
The call has now gone forth to put more resources into public schools in order to encourage children to excel at sport and get a bigger sporting pool to choose from so these ‘elite’ children can then go on to further training at the AIS in order to win gold at future Olympics for the glory of Australia.
Sure, there are those who win gold at the Olympics and then are handsomely rewarded with sponsorships and become millionaires from sport. But we never hear of those who tried their hardest, failed and with broken spirits and bodies will be maimed for life. At what cost is all this sporting doing to our young people?
Rome had its Gladiators and we have the Olympics. Is the Olympics another form of bread and circuses?
Yours sincerely, Jay Nauss
Glen Aplin

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