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sadviser October 26, 2011

Dear Editor, 
I was again amazed that our Mayor pops up in the most unusual places, like the signing of the Northern Victoria Irrigation Renewal Project and then Barmah, in the Moira Shire no less. I believe he must be lonely, or he may have alternative ideas as to his future in politics?
As a ratepayer I have written to council objecting to them seeking to amend the budget and borrow another $1.3 million dollars, this whole project (the freight and logistic centre) is a total waste of money. Is this going to be the white elephant statue to remind the ratepayers of their elected officials in years to come? This will be after the City is probably under administration or Commissioner again.
I also believe that a local trucking company owner was willing to donate at Lemnos including thousands of square metres of storage gratis to the Council? Why was this knocked back? More pettiness in the planning department?
Now we are held to believe that $50,000 of ratepayers money is to be allocated to the Botanical Gardens each year? With a bit of luck the methane build up could remove the whole site maybe to Murchison or beyond? Another white elephant?
It is very obvious that the councillors have no say in decisions made by senior management from within council? They obviously are there to rubber stamp anything that is placed before them. Even the Sustainable Development Manager cannot come up with a figure of what goes on in his department. Is he a competent person to hold such a position?
Once again I would really like to see a ‘Time and Motion Study’ done on the City of Shepparton, I have to leave the Greater bit out!
The budget paper as presented indicates that over a third of rate money is expended on council employee’s wages.
I have witnessed numerous cases of total incompetence in the council offices, i.e. he is not in today! Okay we will be off to VCAT. Oh hang on I will ask around? 5 minutes later the person requested appears, magic? When asked why he was supposed to be not in I get an answer along the lines, “I was trying to clean off my desk and get away early,” gosh I forgot it was just after lunch on a Friday.
As to the Vaughan St, trees saga. The development group, I believe, are listed to wind up in the Supreme Court in the very near future. Can somebody from the council office reply to this fact? Or has it been another oversight on behalf of the officers at the council premises. Pull the bloody trees out, but do not spend any ratepayers money on another catastrophe.
Yours faithfully, Bruce Little

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