Sunday, March 18, 2018
ROOKIE SALES PERSON OF THE YEAR… Stockdale & Leggo chief executive officer, Peter Thomas awarding Jessica Brereton the rookie sales person of the year award at the Stockdale & Leggo awards night recently. Photos: Supplied.

Winners looking to the future

David Lee January 19, 2017

IT’S not often that you come across a business that has walked away with a multitude of awards, that says it is aiming towards taking the next steps to ensure it continues to better itself, but that is exactly what has happened at Stockdale & Leggo Shepparton.

A special Stockdale & Leggo 1902s great Gatsby themed awards night held at Crown Casino on December 17 last year, saw the local business walk away with four awards.

Stockdale & Leggo Shepparton managing director, Scott Butler said, “We received a bronze sales award, which is pretty good for a regional office, especially considering we were competing with metropolitan offices.

“Vince Tassoni was awarded a silver sales person award, which is an outstanding effort for a country agent.

“Kia Rogers was the co-winner of the property managers award, which is an amazing effort considering the 200 or so property managers she was up against and Jessica Brereton was awarded the rookie sales person of the year award.

“We’re very pleased with the outcome and very happy for the staff. They have been working hard and deserve the recognition.

“But while we are happy with the awards the management and staff realise there is more that we want to do, more for us to strive toward to improve our service to the community.

“What we care about it ensuring we get it right and that’s what we are going to work towards. You don’t just get an award and sit back pleased with the achievement, you keep working to make improvements.”

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