Winter is coming, so be prepared


WITH winter fast approaching it’s time to start thinking about timing your influenza vaccination for maximum protection.

Australians need to be aware that the timing of the influenza vaccination is critical to getting the highest level of protection when the flu season commences.

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners president, Dr Harry Nespolon said there is no need for patients to rush for a flu vaccination as soon as they are available.

“Typically, flu season affects Australia from June to September, with the peak being August,” Dr Nespolon said.

“Recent evidence suggests that protection following flu vaccination may begin to wear off after three to four months, so timing of vaccination is critical to making sure you are not unprotected at the end of the season.

“Holding off from vaccination until mid-April would actually be more beneficial for most patients.

Dr Nespolon said specialist GPs are best placed to advise Australian patients on the timing of vaccination to achieve the highest level of protection during the period of influenza virus circulation based on their individual circumstances.

“Your GP will know when to provide you with the influenza vaccination, to ensure you have the best possible protection when the flu season begins,” Dr Nespolon said.