Yellow Ford’s a real wild child


PARKED unused under a tree in a paddock near Mooroopna, Chris Seymour spotted his dream vehicle. Rotting away and slowly losing dignity, Chris enquired and swiftly purchased this 1954 Ford Custom Model for only $50.

“It was one great bargain, even for 1964 prices,” Chris explained, “But I still had to return the tires.”

The engine needed to be replaced, everything needed to be rewired and there was a bunch of other work required; but working on and enhancing this treasured vehicle was a hobby Chris would lovingly continue for 55 years.

“I reckon this beast owes me about half a million,” Chris joked lovingly, “I’ve had everything changed and re-upholstered and we changed colours several times. Some of the colours we had including aqua with white, yellow, black, red, Daytona bronze, blue and now it’s back to yellow.”

Chris, a rock ‘n’ roller from way back, chose the cars’ current yellow paint job based on the classic 1932 Ford Coupe from George Lucas’ iconic rock ‘n’ roll film, American Graffiti. 1950s and 1960s rock iconography is plastered throughout the vehicle, with a Johnny O’Keefe sticker across on the front and a figurine Elvis Presley dancing on the back dash.

Look out for Chris and Charlene as they cruise the streets of Shepparton in their gorgeous 1954 Ford Custom Model.