Young thinking, fresh ideas, new ways of doing things

YOUR FUTURE VOICE… A candidate in the upcoming Council elections, Shane Sali has a plan for Greater Shepparton. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

To listen to him talk, you can imagine things being done well.

Shane Sali is running as a candidate for the upcoming Council elections. He is a local businessman and for a long time been engaged in community- and business-led action to make Greater Shepparton a better place to live and do business.

In his plan, Shane wants to put local business at the top of tender lists, keeping the money and jobs here in Greater Shepparton.

“Greater Shepparton is my home. I was born here, I went to school here, I began my career here, I play football here, I’m raising my family here and I have my businesses here,” Shane said.

“Council is a big business and now more than ever we need to be bold and innovative to give you the best value for your rates.

“But what’s most important as a Councillor, we need to listen to our community.”

With a wealth of ideas and the energy to deliver, Shane wants to contribute to Greater Shepparton’s long term future.