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Your say on Shepparton’s CBD parking

Editor December 26, 2017

THE Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry put one of the hottest topics to the people of Shepparton, what their thoughts are on parking in Shepparton’s CBD and here is what some had to say.

#HaveYourSay: We want to know how the current PARKING conditions affect the way you visit, shop, eat and do business in Shepparton’s CBD. Are you happy with the parking options available to you? What would you like to see change? 

Free Parking

I think the policy of paid parking has been a brilliant way to endorse decentralization for Shepparton. I mean honestly I have never shopped in any store in the CBD because why would you pay for parking for no stores of interest. - Hamish Burke

Free parking closer to the mall would be ideal. I know quite a few customers are put off by having to pay for parking. Also most traders only have one allocated car space that people constantly park in even though it is reserved. Which means most of my staff have to park towards Knight Street to get all day free parking. – Emma Jalkanen

I work in the Shepparton CBD, and it’s appalling that my entire business (and the surrounding businesses) have nowhere to park. We are used to parking at the library (which used to be fine), but now all the parks on Welsford Street have been taken.  - Christie Myers

I don’t shop in the CBD because I get charged just to pop in somewhere. I also resent that as a member of Aquamoves I often can’t find free parking there to use the facility. Many people who work in the CBD now use free parking such as Aquamoves and surrounds and walk into town. It’s appalling that even workers can’t park in town now. There is just not enough free parking anywhere! – Tricia O’Hare

I just relocated here from Mildura and I have to say that I’m appalled that the council charge for parking considering the dated and dishevelled appearance of this town! Get it together guys and start spending revenue in a manner that benefits the people who put you in office! - Narelle Moreau 

It should all be free like in other smaller towns around Shepparton, Even South Yarra has free parking with two hour parking limit. The CBD is dying and so is Shepparton. Businesses are struggling and people avoid parking where they have to pay. - Ranko Marcetic

Happy to pay with improvements

I would pay for parking happily if we had a card system. I never carry change or cash of any sort and I always end up stuck or late because of it. The multi-deck is brilliant except it’s filthy and could be taken care of so much better! I’d like to see some longer parks for prams as well. – Alycia Bourne

I pretty much avoid parking anywhere I have to pay, largely due to the fact I never have change for the ticket machines. I would rather park a block further away and walk. Had to park in the multilevel structure the other day and it was filthy and the ticket machine didn’t work properly anyway. – Crystal Elizabeth

I find the multi-deck car park very convenient and not at all expensive when you consider the protection it offers on rainy and stinking hot days. Over the years I have become accustomed to the smells and rubbish in the stairwell. It’s never been any different, but it still amazes me that the hygiene has not improved. – Ian Waddell

I’ll happily pay for parking, but usually never carry change. I like Melbourne’s system of car parks buy a ticket and pay when you exit, I tend to spend more time shopping knowing I’m don’t have to race back to the meter or move my car to avoid a fine. – Kerri Schemioneck

Offering Ideas / Solutions

I don’t think free parking is the answer to the CBD’s woes. It is often difficult to get a park on Fryers or High Streets and free parking would worsen the problem. How would council make up the revenue shortfall? – Shelley Terry

If the council want people to shop in the CBD they need to listen to these comments. Improve parking offer card options, for some paid areas and offer free parking to get people back into the CBD… find parking for shop owner/workers. – Renee Nay

I think we honestly need more parking. Say if some of the current free car parking lots that skirt the CBD were multi-story, or if even some of the ones closer in that do charge were multi-story it would provide extra parks without needing more land space. – Zoë Louise Phillips

Gosh how is this a hard issue to fix it’s all written here over and over if only they listened and who makes these decisions people who don’t love in Shepparton it’s not hard to work out the issues just stop stuffing around and fix them. – Sherrie-Lee Robertson

As someone who works on Welsford Street, parking is a joke. The library is packed with everyone in the area trying to park there. Give some incentives to people who work in/ around the CBD. If we had free parking or something in the multi-deck and walked through the mall to get to work we would spend more money un the mall and be more inclined to go there…anywhere there is a park that is all day is gone well before 9am. – Vicky Vee

From hundreds of comments posted online, approximately 90 percent were in favour of free parking in the CBD. It may appear to be populist, however it’s a reality, people vote with their feet and are deterred from shopping where there’s paid parking. The Adviser will publish further comments and your feedback in 2018.