Friday, April 27, 2018
A COMFORTABLE RIDE… Local resident, Bill McNamara was lucky enough to come away the winner of a national competition being run by Calvary Community Care, where the prize was a zippy Viper Scooter. Photos: Alicia Niglia.

Zippy win for Bill

David Lee January 10, 2018

TWELVE months ago, local resident, Bill McNamara didn’t know that his entry into the Calvary Community Care magazine competition to win a brand new $5,500 Viper Scooter would be drawn as the winner.

What’s even more astounding though, is that Bill was drawn out of over 1,000 entries from across the country.  

Bill said, “I have waited 85 years to win a raffle. I enter a lot of competitions because you never know your luck.

“I have thought about buying one and the kids told me I should get one.

“My son said that he was going to come around and give it a test drive.

“I gave my licence away at Christmas time in 2016, so this will give me full independence again.

“I worked in retail for 35 years and have a real interest in it. I used to drive around once a fortnight to see what was new and what had gone and so this will allow me to do that again.

“I am very happy and very grateful for the chance to have entered this competition.”