Thursday, July 25, 2024

Snapshots of Shepparton's Past

Diving into the past: Readers remember Raymond West Pool

WE KICKED off January with a blast from the past, reflecting on the proud history of the Raymond West Swimming Pool. Thank you to...

Raymond West Pool

PUBLIC swimming pools occupy a special place in the Australian consciousness. The Raymond West Pool opened as the largest chlorinated pool in the Southern...

WW2 POW camp huts still alive today

There are some little-known historical treasures amongst our midst right here in our local region. In 1976 a parcel of land on Sayers Lane in...

Snapshots of Rushworths past

HAVE you ever wondered what may be under the Criterion Hotel in Rushworth? Well, here are some photos of the quite extensive cellar underneath. Rumour...

Footy through the years

A selection of local footy photos throughout the years courtesy of Lost Shepparton Society/Shepparton Heritage Centre. Find them on Facebook @Lost Shepparton and visit...

Back in time

SHEPPARTON is always bustling with movement, works and growth, making for an exciting time for those living in and around the area. We have...