WW2 POW camp huts still alive today

PRISONER OF WAR HUTS IN RUSHWORTH... Some of the old WW2 POW huts, can still be found in Rushworth. Photo's: Supplied by Lost Rushworth.

There are some little-known historical treasures amongst our midst right here in our local region.

In 1976 a parcel of land on Sayers Lane in Rushworth, approximately 320 acres in size, was subdivided into a series of 45 to 50 acre lots.

As part of this subdivision application, it was required that a dam and shed be put on each subdivided block.
The dams were made but the sheds were not built as such. Instead, WW2 huts left over from the prisoner of war (POW) camp in Murchison, were transported to the site and one placed on each block.

To this day some of these huts still exist on these properties although some have been modified.

One in particular however is very much still in its original condition and is a great example of the prisoner’s quarters in the POW camp.

Another still has its original hut number on it.

All information for this story was provided by the Facebook page, Lost Rushworth.