Connect SmartHome security systems now at Harvey Norman Computers

STAY SAFE AT HOME… Harvey Norman Computers Shepparton proprietor, Adam Denny can help you find the right smart home security devices for your home. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

With more people spending time at home and not leaving the house, we’re seeing a lot more people buying online which means more deliveries to your doorstep. Whether you’re at home or out running errands, you want to know your house and your deliveries are safe and the perfect way to know this is with the Connect SmartHome system.

Connected through an app on your smartphone, the Connect SmartHome system is a large and affordable range of smart products ranging from smart lighting, power boards, and power points to security systems, motion sensors, and remotes.

With the Smart Video Doorbell, you will be able to hear the chime, even from your backyard, answer even if you’re away from home through your smartphone, and obtain video footage in case your next delivery is taken.

If you need strong floodlights at your worksite or want to keep your home safe and secure, the Connect Outdoor Smart Floodlight Camera is for you! Talk back to people or sound the siren to scare off intruders. The floodlight camera also features two motion-activated security lights that leave no dark places to hide.

You can also upgrade your lighting with a large range of smart bulbs available. When you connect your smart bulbs to your existing fittings, they become smart lights with the added benefits of home security. Scheduling, adjustable timers and more are possible, allowing you to automate your lights to your lifestyle and minimise your energy consumption footprint.

For the largest range of security and smart home devices, head to Harvey Norman Computers to speak Adam and his expert team. Connect SmartHome is available exclusively at Harvey Norman. Located at Riverside Plaza, Kialla, or call 5820 2900.