Thursday, November 30, 2023

Health & Fitness

No side effects to personalised care

When the health and wellbeing of your family matters, the specialised personal care offered by the team of Reid's Pharmacy on Maude Street, brings...

Sneezing into spring

VIBRANT colours of spring are beginning to paint the Goulburn Valley, and many residents are eagerly embracing the warmer weather and blossoming flowers. However,...

Beyond a week of awareness

LAST week, Shepparton joined the nation in celebrating Women's Health Week, a time dedicated to prioritising the well-being of the women in our community....

From a battle to a beacon of hope

AMONG the many victories against life-threatening diseases, the journey of local Goulburn Valley resident Ian Martin stands out, for he won a fierce battle...

Tailored to your individual wellbeing and fitness goals

DISCOVER the positively life changing atmosphere at Advance Fitness Northside. Be welcomed, inspired, and ready to grow a better you, at Shepparton's gym with...

Counselling for the best, second half of life

MID-LIFE often heralds change for many women, marked by a confluence of transitional factors related to health, family, relationships and/or work. While every woman's experience...