Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Finding homes for beautiful animals

CUTE AND CUDDLY… From left, Goulburn Valley Pet Adoption and Rehoming foster carers, Maxine Horton, Tilliah Brooks and Cheree McKellar with some beautiful cats who are looking for a new home. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

EVERY year, hundreds of thousands of perfectly healthy cats and dogs are taken to pounds and shelters in Australia. Unfortunately, due to overbreeding, illegal breeding, a lack of public education and regulatory policies, too many of these animals need to be put down.

These are beautiful, healthy, intelligent and loving creatures that are being euthanased daily due to people’s laziness and attitude toward animals.

Here in the Goulburn Valley, a not-for-profit organisation has emerged to help reduce the number of homeless animals in the area. Goulburn Valley Pet Adoption and Rehoming are a small team of six dedicated volunteers who are animal lovers with a passion to create a positive change toward pet ownership.

“I’ve always been really passionate about animals and as soon as I started to educate myself on the animal overpopulation crisis in Australia, I wanted to do something about it,” explained Goulburn Valley Pet Adoption and Rehoming founder, Tilliah Brooks.

Tilliah explained that, even though adoption and rehoming rates have improved significantly over recent years, Australia still has a long way to go in terms of animal care.

“Nobody intends to do wrong by a pet or animal in their community but a lot of people take the attitude of ‘it’s not my problem’ and leave it to somebody else,” Tilliah said.

“People with male cats who take this attitude and won’t get them de-sexed are irresponsible. The single biggest way to prevent animals from being put down is getting them de-sexed.”

In Australia every year, approximately 250,000 dogs and cats are humanely euthanased. According to the latest statistics, over 13 percent of all dogs and puppies received by RSPCA in the 2017-18 financial year still needed to be put down. That percentage is even higher for cats and kittens; almost 23 percent of all cats and kittens donated to the RSPCA were unable to be reclaimed or rehomed and required euthanasia.

Goulburn Valley Pet Adoption and Rehoming are helping to lower these figures even further. Only to be used as an absolute last result, their great service will provide help to animals who could no longer stay in the care of their owners.

A team of volunteers will find foster homes for the pets, ensuring all animals are de-sexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and very well fed.

“At the moment, we are looking for people who we can adopt out these beautiful dogs and cats too,” Tilliah said. “We would love to have more people on board to foster. Even if you can look after just one cat or dog, you will be helping in a huge way.”

Besides fostering or adopting pets, there are loads of other ways to help ensure the pets of the region are being loved. Goulburn Valley Pet Adoption and Rehoming are also accepting donations of pet food and blankets, creating little ‘take home hampers’ for some of the pets that are being adopted out.

“Considering we have only been open a couple of weeks, we are absolutely blown away by the level of support from the community so far,” Tilliah added. “And we want to thank everyone who has donated or contributed so far.”

To adopt a pet, become a foster carer or to donate, visit www.goulburnvalleypetadoption.com.au or follow the links via their Facebook page. Goulburn Valley Pet Adoption and Rehoming can also help with general pet enquiries and will liaise with Greater Shepparton City Council if required.