Get fire ready, be prepared

FIRE season is around the corner and the CFA want all Victorians to ensure they are prepared and have a plan in place for fast-approaching high fire danger days.

The latest weather outlook is indicating a wet weather ahead, however this will also have the effect of rapid growth of grass and scrub fire potential.

For our farming communities, the Victorian winter crop production forecast is some 7.7M tonnes or 11 percent above the 10-year average. Grassfires and crop fires will be a real concern for our CFA members leading into the season across the northwest, western and central agricultural regions.

Very high fire danger days each year will significantly increase, and our fire seasons will start earlier, last longer, and further strengthen the need for a shared responsibility between hazard owners, communities and emergency services.

The CFA are holding online sessions across Victoria, check out for further details.

These sessions will give you a better understanding of your local fire risk and help you prepare a fire plan. Even if you’re not in a high fire risk area, you should still be practising your fire escape plan as house fires occur all year round.