Rubbish dumping sadly continues

UNBELIEVABLY, the dumping of rubbish has resumed around Raftery’s Track and River Road West near Arcadia Downs. The natural space enjoyed by many on walks has again had various types of household rubbish dumped there, including letters with a Shepparton woman’s name and addresses clearly legible.

This information has been handed to the police so if you or anyone you know is responsible for this mess, best it gets cleaned up quickly before the police come knocking on your door!

This has been an ongoing issue in the area and following our last article, the mess was hastily cleared.

There is no excuse for this with Greater Shepparton Council running a waste management program other residents utilise with no problem and the existence of three Resource Recovery Centres in the region and local businesses who offer skip bin hire.

Illegal dumping of waste or littering can cause significant environmental issues including contaminating land, polluting waterways, increasing the risk of fire and causing harm to local wildlife and their habitats. Cleaning up dumped litter and prosecuting offenders costs the community thousands of dollars each year.

It is a serious offence and Officers may issue on the spot fines of over $300 or commence legal action. The maximum court penalty for illegal dumping is $610,700 or seven years imprisonment for an individual, and more than $1.2M for a corporation.

If you see or know of people dumping rubbish anywhere in our community, report them to the authorities immediately.

NO RESPECT FOR OUR PLANET… People are still dumping rubbish around Arcadia Downs, again including letters with names and addresses clearly legible. Photo: Supplied