Rubbish still needing to be cleared

FOLLOWING up from our article in The Adviser late August regarding the dumping of rubbish around Arcadia Downs, we are pleased to report the rubbish pile containing personal letters and other litter has been cleared and the dumped vehicle has now been towed.

The rubbish was dumped on the side of Raftery’s track, which is off Raftery Road. There was also rubbish being dumped at the end of River Road, which is just past the entrance to Arcadia Downs Drive.

There is however, 10 metres from the pile which has since been cleared, another big pile containing televisions, office chairs, fans and other items which need to be disposed of appropriately.

“The clearing of some rubbish is vast improvement, and it appears no new rubbish has been dumped since the article appeared,” said the concerned resident who first notified us of the dumping.

“We still need the heavy items like TV’s and office furniture cleared though and for residents to remember this is not a rubbish bin.”
If you see or know of people dumping rubbish anywhere in our community, report them to the authorities.