Dear Editor,

I write to you regarding the proposed construction of a four-storey, 30-dwelling social housing project to be built in a densely populated residential area of Shepparton above the Maude, Nixon and Edwards Streets carpark.

I have the privilege of supporting and advocating for vulnerable citizens in our community in terms of mental health and disability on a daily basis.

Whilst I agree in principle with the Greater Shepparton City Council’s “Affordable Housing Strategy” I am extremely troubled and concerned with the proposed location and design of the project.
It is my belief that vulnerable citizens in our community would prefer single-storey housing close to expansive and well provisioned “green spaces.”

Positioning these proposed residences closer to the Shepparton Victoria Lake Precinct is one option our elected Council might like to consider.

This communal area would potentially promote improved mental and physical wellbeing, enabling our vulnerable people to enjoy amenities such as expansive green spaces, walking and running tracks, BBQ areas, Raymond West Swimming Pool, Aquamoves, all abilities playground, skate park, outdoor exercise equipment, COGS events, bike tracks, SAM, canoeing, fishing (lake and river) etc.

To suggest that it is a short distance to travel from the proposed site to these communal amenities is extremely problematic for a citizen who faces daily challenges with mental health or disability.

I trust that robust discussion by Council will take place regarding the location and design of this social housing initiative before a final decision is made.

Yours Sincerely,
Geoff Newman.