Students sent home, Covid to blame  

SEMESTER one has been long-awaited by students and their families. With air purifiers rolled out into classrooms across the state and free Rapid Antigen Testing made mandatory for students, many hoped that remote learning would become a thing of the past.  

This has not been the case for the school community at Verney Road School. On Wednesday, families received a letter announcing an immediate shift to remote learning.  

“We have had a number of students and staff at our school test positive for COVID19 over the last few days,” the letter started.  

Principal Angela Buxton asked families to assist the school to be able to reopen the following week on Thursday by obtaining a PCR test for their children. Currently, students must be tested on a RAT twice a week before school, but results do not have to be registered unless they are showing symptoms or returning a positive result.  

“I appreciate this will be challenging for some of our families. If your circumstances are particularly challenging, please do get in touch to discuss options,” the letter read. 

Verney Road School made no comment over the sudden closure, except that they had worked with the Department of Education and Training, and the Department of Health to find the best way forward. 

More information to come in the next edition of The Adviser, out Wednesday.