Dear Editor,
A very happy new year to everyone.
As we contemplate life with Covid, please spare a thought for farmers and communities who have been living with something much worse for much longer, the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

We are very fortunate to have wonderful flooding in the basin currently so everyone and everything are getting a marvellous drink.
The fight to save irrigation farming and the communities that rely on it has had some quite positive turn of events lately, but do not for one second believe that the foot can be taken off the go pedal.

It is only a few short years ago that we saw the Darling River decimated and millions of old native fish were killed.
The basin plan has been shockingly handled, mainly by the National Party, a party I and lots of other rural Aussies truly believe has totally lost its way.

We must keep fighting the very smelly lies the bureaucrats and politicians keep telling us.

I have travelled the basin extensively and can agree that there seems to be a very distinct bias towards one part of it, that simply must change, otherwise other farmers, communities and the environment in other parts of the basin will continue to die.

Hopefully one day we may be able to smell the roses.

Yours sincerly,
Peter Gilmour
Abbeywood, Queensland
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