What your favourite pub meal says about you

Chicken Parmigiana
Most likely an introvert, you also aren’t very partial to change. A creature of comfort, you like to feel comfortable and are reliable, loyal and dependable…much like a chicken parmigiana.

You get the best of everything with a burger. A juicy meat patty, salad, bread and all with a side of chips! Burgers aren’t the most elegant thing to eat, so chances are you are confident, have a big mouth and are maybe a touch indecisive, hence selecting something that is a combination of other meals.

This can go a few ways. Perhaps you are a health-conscious gym goer, trying to enjoy eating out while staying lean, and opt to pair a salad with your steak. Or maybe you naturally have a great body (and everybody is a great body!) and are free to enjoy delicious chips. If you choose vegetables, there’s a high chance you’re not much fun at parties. We haven’t even gotten into how you like your steak so, rare you may be a vampire or so well done you could kick it around the footy field, that’s another kettle of fish. With so many options, it’s safe to say you could fall under a multitude of personality types.

Fish and chips
Also, a favourite off the children’s menu, maybe selecting this option indicates you are a little immature. That’s fine though, because we can also bet you’re funny, silly and love tomato sauce.