Young artist finds success

INSPIRATIONAL ARTIST... Holly's mother, and 22 year old artist Holly McLennan-Brown. Photo: Stephanie Holliday

HOLLY McLennan-Brown is a young, successful artist who has roots in our region, with her father originally from Kyabram and other members of her family living locally.
Holly currently has works on display at MEAC in Mooroopna as part of an exhibition for reconciliation week.

“I was first inspired to paint from my uncle, Adam McLennan. He was an incredible aboriginal artist and his use of bold colours really made my mind light up,” said Holly.

“For my own pieces I generally get my inspiration from emotional and spiritual connections I’m experiencing, along with whatever I feel inspired by at the time. I use my artwork as a tool to navigate my thoughts and feelings so most of my pieces express my progression through that.”

Holly’s art on display at MEAC has a feminine edge, with the pastel colours she used in conjunction with her style working together to convey themes of motherhood, freedom and womanhood among others.

“I usually choose my colour palettes based on the emotion behind the painting. I have been working a lot lately to introduce new colours together, not be afraid to try something new and push my own creative boundaries,” said Holly.

At only 22, Holly is a part of a nationwide upcoming project which will see her art accessible to everyone.

“I think art is so important because it is a great tool for expression and storytelling. Art allows us to slow down and free our headspace, while also allowing us to indulge in mindfulness. It creates new connections and allows people to understand us on a deeper level.”