A community that’s constantly buzzing

BUZZING WITH HONEY… The Toolamba community beehive has been busy producing fresh honey since it was installed in November last year. Photo: Supplied.

The Colaura Gardens is quite a peaceful little corner of Toolamba. You can sit down and read a book from the community library swap, head down on a Sunday for the community food swap (once a month), or spend some time with the birds and the bees.

Local Mel Hall, alongside the Toolamba Lions Club, banded together to bring the community a beehive, which was installed in November.

“We received funding through the Fairley Leadership Program last year, which covered the cost of the hive, bee protection suits and an educational workshop for the community.” Mel said.

“The aim of bringing in the beehive is mostly to educate both children and adults about the importance of bees to our eco-system.

“Everyone loves it; even the kids are getting involved. We’ll eventually bring the frames along to the primary school so the kids can learn all about the bees.”

Each frame in the hive can hold up to two kilograms of honey. At this time of the year, the honey is kept for the bees as food during the colder months. When spring hits, the beehive will be thriving and may need to be split into two hives to accommodate all the bees and honey.

The community beehive will also be selling honey at the Toolamba Food Swap days in the warmer months.