Authenticity, diversity and lifelong friendship


Exploring the enticing country roads of southern Italy and Sicily provided a group of travellers with an array of memorable moments that will be cherished forever.

The group, organised by Joe Bovalino and Lyn McNaught Travel, spent 14 days trekking around and enjoying the stunning scenery and incredible food on offer.

Everyone had a fantastic time exploring the sights and tastes and the group wished to share some quotes regarding their fantastic trip.

“A lot of your planning was evident, as we had so many ‘Wow!’ moments. I can remember many of these moments in Rome, with the Colosseum, Fountain of Trevi, St Peter’s Square, Vatican, Michelangelo ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, plus many more. We had a great group of fun people to travel with and everyone mixed in happily. I really enjoyed our Italian travellers, as they shared their family history and informed us of their parent’s life and the changes from Italy to Australia.”

“I just wanted to thank you for our tour, which we thoroughly enjoyed. All was wonderfully organised with accommodation of very good standard. In particular, I would like to thank you both for your individual attention and support, both prior to, and during the tour – it was greatly appreciated.”

“Thank you both for your lovely company. You chose such a great group of people to travel to Italy with. We enjoyed every aspect of our trip, and your extra attention in looking after us made it perfect. We look forward to catching up with you and others from the trip in the near future.”

“What can I say? This trip exceeded my expectations. I cannot thank you enough for this fantastic experience, one that has been etched into my memory forever. I keep looking at the photos and I’m truly amazed by how beautiful Italy really is. And what a great bunch of people to go away on holidays with – friends for life. The bus, the sights, the food, the scenery and most of all the company; 100 percent!”

“What a great team you made together! I especially felt well cared for and I so appreciated your attention to my wellbeing. I absolutely loved Southern Italy. I could not have imagined how different it would be to what I have known and experienced before.”

“It really was a ‘Wow!’ every day, for one thing or another. The towns and cities, the roads/streets/alleyways, the cars and the whole car story, the cliffs and buildings perched on cliffs, the magnificent scenery, the food, the hospitality… oh, I could go on and on!”

“There are just so many memories to keep and reflect upon. I was blown away by the size of the columns and the spaces at St Peter’s. And what a treat to see the rain coming through the roof of the Pantheon!”

“What a trip! Loved every minute of it. I found the history fascinating. To walk through, touch and admire the feats of the Greeks, Romans etc was awesome and our guides were brilliant with their knowledge.”

“The tuk-tuk ride was a thrill and thank you for asking us to join in – we had a ball! I am so thrilled to have been part of an amazing trip and we had a great group to mix with. Well done to you and your team for showing us a wonderful glimpse and time into an amazing country.”

“We enjoyed all aspects of our trip, particularly your expert organisation and professional manner. Spending more than one night in so many towns ensured we had time to relax and not have to be constantly ‘on the go’. Our organised dinners were fabulous and much appreciated, as we didn’t have to think of where to eat after a day of sightseeing and travelling.”

“Your advice and assistance to make sure we were all checked in for our return flight was also much appreciated. We both had such a fabulous experience and enjoyed the company of our fellow travellers. It would be good if our travel group could catch up at some time.”

All travellers would like to thank Lyn McNaught Travel and Joe Bovalino for their assistance. Look out for the next trip to Italy.