Building on our strengths

TIED TO THE COMMUNITY… Greg James has a number of community projects he wants to see implemented. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

There are few in the community who can say they have had afternoon tea with the Queen of England. Local identity, Greg James is one of them.

Playing cricket with an Australian Indigenous team to tour England, Greg has the takeaway to remember forever.

As a qualified builder, teacher and a community leader, he has continually advanced his professional skill set together with his business and social connections, and brings all this to his candidacy for the Council elections.

Greg has a number of issues on his agenda, rates being one of them. He wants the parking meters gone and a fix on dangerous crossings. He sees the increasing level of homelessness as a major issue and a need to clean up our neighbourhood. All residents should get free tip vouchers like other Councils and he supports hard rubbish collection days to overcome the dumping that takes place on our roadsides and wilderness areas,

“This region is our home and it’s been good to us all and one simply needs to drive around the region to see our region is healthy, prospering and even in these COVID times people are quite positive. They know as we move into this new world our region is better positioned to seize further greatness,” Greg said.