Clean and green


Shepparton residents can give themselves a pat on the back. According to Greater Shepparton City Council manager works and waste, Janelle Bunfield, contamination rates of green organic waste have stayed well under the targets of 3 percent for contamination over the past four months.

“Thank you to all the residents for their efforts, which has resulted in the steady improvement or reduction in contamination rates in the municipality. To see such consistent results throughout the entire year shows us Greater Shepparton residents are thinking carefully about which bin they are using for their waste,” Mrs Bunfield said.

“Putting organic waste in the green lid bin has many benefits, primarily protecting our environment and diverting waste from landfill which has long term benefits for us all.

“It is important residents remember the green lid bin is for organic waste only, such as lawn clippings and food scraps, however, we often see items like hard and soft plastic placed in the bin. It is important to remember that one contaminated bin can affect an entire truckload of green organics.”

More than 700 tonnes of food and garden waste was composted last month, which will ultimately go back to the earth.