Don’t get caught out in the cold

FRIENDLY SERVICE AND FAST TURNAROUND… Shepparton Radiators & Windscreens radiator repair and windscreen fitter, Frank Varapodio can get you back on the road. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

With the rapid onset of the colder weather and in the lead up to school holidays, now is an important time to get your car cooling system checked.

Shepparton Radiators & Windscreens are the local experts who will ensure you feel confident before heading out on that big trip this winter. Offering more than just radiator and windscreen replacements, the friendly and efficient team can also help with cooling system diagnosis and heater checks.

Shepparton Radiators & Windscreens owner, Scott Campbell said, “If you want a trouble-free winter, don’t forget the unseen components in your vehicle, like the heater and hoses in the cooling system.

“If you’re going to the snow this winter, now is the time to get the condition of your anti-freeze and anti-boil checked.”

To book an appointment, drop into Shepparton Radiators & Windscreens at 8006 Melbourne Road, Shepparton, or phone 5823 1590.