Everyone negatively impacted


Dear Editor,

Well done to the 300,000 students and supporters that took part in last week’s climate strike across Australia. The prime movers involved in the climate strike in Shepparton also need special thanks.

IT is now well understood that climate change, if left unabated, will have a profound, if not fatal, impact on future on generations.

However, what is not appreciated (by the laggards), is if we do not treat climate change as a crisis and act accordingly, the vast majority of us will be negatively impacted.

Anyone who intends to live another 10 years – that’s about 20 million of us – will face the realities of a collapsing environment, increased heatwaves, more droughts, rising insurance costs, falling asset values, reduction in investment returns, unstable export markets, global instability and the list goes on. It’s all connected with a healthy global environment essential for our continued existence.

We must act together – now!

Yours sincerely,
Terry Court,