Exhibit and drawing wall showcase at SAM


THERE is a bit happening at SAM, with the latest installation on the Drawing Wall and the kick off of the latest exhibition.

The exhibition features Indigenous art from the Baluk Arts group and includes natural materials such as feathers and clay. Titled ‘earth bound, in flight: ceramic artists of Baluk Arts,’ it will be in the Showcase at SAM until August 7 in collaboration with Craft.

‘earth bound, in flight’ is a record of making at Baluk, punctuating the importance of collaboration and shared understanding of culture and community. It features work by Lisa Waup, Cassie Leatham, Beverley Meldrum and Tallara Gray and feathers by Robert Kelly, Patsy Smith, Yvonne Luke, Lynnette Pitt, Robert Austin Djeranarlumn, Nick Kupetsky, Daniel Kelly, Sharee Harper, and Mai Katona. The exhibition is free to view and works are available for purchase.

The Drawing Wall installation features artist, Alex Pittendrigh with a work called ‘Près des Eaux: Tears of Isis.’

His piece presents a large abstract painting referencing water and river systems.

It ties together the artist’s interest in environment, but also his long-held passion for ancient cultures. This work specifically references symbolic and sacred readings of water in Egyptian tomb paintings.

In a contemporary context, it references issues faced by river systems in Australia such as the recent catastrophic ‘kill’ events within Australian rivers such as at the Murray Darling basin /Menindee.