Fake tradies on the rise


RESIDENTS in Victoria’s northeast are being warned to be vigilant against a group of fake tradies, following reports of $14,000 being scammed out of homeowners in Greater Shepparton and Benalla alone.

Consumer Affairs Victoria has received over 300 reports of fake tradies in the 2018–19 financial year, which is 15 percent up on last year.

Fake tradies are known to knock on doors or drop leaflets, offering home improvement services such as roofing, tree lopping, painting and driveway resurfacing. Often the work fake tradies promise to carry out never eventuates or is of a poor standard, and they disappear as soon as they have been paid.

Residents should be suspicious of people who knock on your door, or approach you while you are in the garden and offer services such as roofing, painting, driveway resurfacing, tree-lopping or general home maintenance, or anyone who offers cheap deals using terms such as ‘for today only’. Also, beware anyone asking for cash up front, or who claim you have received a fine for asbestos contained in your property.

You should report fake tradies or anyone you think is suspicious to Consumer Affairs Victoria on 1300 133 408.