Fast and furious Tokyo drift


Built on the success of the 240Z concept car of the late 90s, the 350Z is the fifth generation Nissan Z car. A two-seater, front engine, rearwheel drive sports car.

In 1999, Renault purchased 44 percent of Nissan and in 2001, introduced the revised Z concept. The squat, long-hood/short-deck styling resulted from a competition between Nissan’s Japanese, European, and American design studios, with the La Jolla, California studio’s design being chosen in March 2000.

In the summer of 2002, the 350Z was released to wide acclaim. It employed a slightly improved version of the 3.5-liter  DOHC V6 engine found in multiple Nissan cars at the time.

Alan Walters from Shepparton bought the car new as an affordable sports car to match the style and performance of comparable European models but has now put it up for sale.

Developing 221 kW (around 296BHP) the car has a six speed manual gearbox and has a top speed well above the legal limit for Victoria’s roads.

Designed to be a head-turner, with the added decals the Nissan 350Z certainly lives up to its reputation.