Home staging secrets, a buyer’s perspective

STYLING MATTERS… Mulberry Lane Property Styling head stylist, Michelle Slot can help you achieve great results when selling your property. Photo: Supplied.

If you want to make your home more desirable to nine out of 10 potential buyers, Mulberry Lane Property Styling has some home staging secrets that you must know before selling your house.

The one-year rule

If you (in the shoes of a house buyer) can see yourself living in the property for the first year as is, then you will strongly consider buying it. Even if you want to change the bathroom or replace the carpet at some point, you will accept the décor and fittings you have inherited.

Why personalisation fails

Homes that reflect the current homeowner’s personality take three times longer to sell. Chances are you will have a very limited number of people your home will appeal to.

De-clutter your space

People don’t make offers on houses that are filled with clutter. Clutter is a distraction and because it is extremely personal to the owner, it says so much about them as an individual and most people can’t see past this.

Room to move

A property with too much furniture is harder to sell. If you cannot get around effortlessly then the house will feel too small as too much furniture distracts the viewer from seeing the room.

Colour schemes that sell

Overpowering colour schemes can really put off buyers, so stick to neutrals.

“At Mulberry Lane, we increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, making sure every part of your house is looking its best to ultimately attract more buyers and achieve greater results,” head stylist, Michelle Slot said.

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