In response to joint letter


Dear Editor,

 I am writing in response to the joint letter from La Trobe vice chancellor, John Dewar and GOTAFE CEO, Travis Heeney published in The Adviser (September 18) extolling the benefits of the new super school.

Dewar and Heeney note that ‘designs for the new college campus focus on positive attributes that can only be achieved by a large school – greater subject choices, new learning and pathway opportunities and better student support – while maintaining the atmosphere of a smaller school environment.’ They believe this is the best solution for improving student outcomes.

They must think we are mushrooms.

Do a quick internet search (Trevor Cobbold, school sizes, NAPLAN results, disadvantaged students etc.), look at the evidence and make up your own mind but please do not accept on face value what is being presented by the Victorian Education Department, the Minister for Education, or anyone else.

Yours sincerely,
Debra Barnes,