Increase your child’s confidence in the classroom

INDIVIDUALISED LEARNING… Kip McGrath Education Centre Shepparton owner, Willem Badenhorst is a patient and dedicated tutor helping the children of the region achieve their goals. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

HELPING children to grasp math and English concepts require a lot of patience, dedication and skill. Some children just need a little extra help to get there and this is where the team from Kip McGrath work their magic.

Kip McGrath Education Centre Shepparton owner, Willem Badenhorst said, “We want to thank all the wonderful families who became part of our journey in Shepparton. To us it is a dream come true to support students to make progress in their learning, it’s the best job in the world.

“Since we took over the Kip McGrath franchise in Shepparton at the end of 2016, we have helped several hundred children to catch up, keep up or go ahead in their learning. Since we moved the centre closer to the corner of Verney and New Dookie (Balaclava) Road, most kids have easy access to attend the lessons, and parents have access to free parking right in front of our door. Kids can also access the school bus exchange close by.

“New technological developments are changing the way we do things. Now every child has access to their homework online, and can also access revision lessons online during school holidays ensuring the learning programs are never interrupted due to illness or breaks.

“We track our students’ learning and by monitoring their progress closely, we address the child’s individual learning needs and adapt their lessons to suit. We also offer on-screen tuition for students who live remotely.”

If you have a child in need of either intervention in maths or English, please contact us to organise a free assessment. Phone 0437 260 434, email [email protected]u or follow Kip McGrath in Shepparton on their Facebook page at